How to Choose the Right Sanitary Pad for Your Menses

It is very embarrassing to go about your daily chores unbothered, only to end up with a period stain on your clothing. It is imperative to know that your sanitary napkin will provide you with solid absorbent and not seep when you go through your cycle.

Furthermore, each woman is uniquely individual in her own right, and her body’s response to periods is no exception. For this reason, the FemCare market is bursting at the seams with a variety of sanitary napkins to suit every woman’s desire and menstruation requirements.

The most recent products to hit the market include:

  • Very hygienic and super absorbent anion pads
  • Organic cotton pads
  • Reusable pads
  • Underwear pads
  • Various other products

The most important thing to remember is that your comfort comes first, but your preferences are also necessary.

You should consider your type of skin, rate of flow, and body structure before picking your sanitary pad or pad insert. The sanitary pad that is most appropriate for your menstrual cycle and flow is different from the most appropriate one for another woman.

In the following section, we will discuss the aspects to consider while selecting the best sanitary pad.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Proper Sanitary Napkin

1.   Understand your periods

Leak-free menstrual cycles are not an illusion. They are real but preventable. All you need to do is identify the perfect pad protection. It is critical to comprehend your body and menstrual cycles fully before selecting the most appropriate pad.

Every woman’s period has its individual characteristics: the flow, the length of bleeding time, or the manifestations they experience, such as cramps. So be familiar with the different types of sanitary pads you will require for your specific needs.

2.   Absorbency

The absorbency of the sanitary pad will depend on your period type. If you have a heavy flow, you will require a pad with high absorbency. If your flow is light to medium, you can go with a regular pad. The pad must soak the flow of blood thoroughly.

One of the most critical characteristics of a good sanitary pad is its ability to absorb a significant amount of blood in a brief period. Additionally, the pad should absorb or trap blood in its central core, preventing leakage when sitting or exerting any pressure on the sanitary napkin.

Observing the color of the released blood on the pad surface is one approach to determine whether it absorbs into the center core. The more vibrant or fresh the color, the closer the blood is to the surface, resulting in backflow and moisture.

On the other hand, if the color seems a duller red, it indicates that the blood absorption is successful. An exemplary absorbent pad should leave you feeling clean, dry, comfortable, and ready to go about your everyday routines without fear of leakage.

If your flow is heavy, choose lengthier pads. Conversely, if your flow is light, choose shorter pads. Utilize fragranced pads to eliminate any nasty odors during the beginning phases of solid flow. However, it would help if you chose pads with natural fragrances to avoid any infections. The best choices would be an anion pad or an organic cotton sanitary napkin that comes with natural fragrances.

3.   Length and flow

Select the appropriate napkin length for your flow. The shape of your body and your menstrual flow will determine whether you require an extra-long pad with a wider hip guard or a standard one. Because blood outflow is typically heavier at the beginning of your period, choosing a pad that can soak up your flow rapidly and effectively is critical.

In essence, there are two pad classifications: Day pads and overnight pads. Days pads are shorter and measure anything from 17 to 25 cm. overnight pads measure 35 cm or longer. The longer the pad, the greater the amount of fluid it can absorb.

Additionally, night pads include broad hip guards to help deter back backflow while you sleep. Additionally, some pads feature side gathers that conform to your body shapes, preventing side backflow all through the night.

For days with heavy bleeding, use ultra-slim pads as sanitary napkins and regular pads on subsequent days. For even better menstrual management, you should go for sanitary pads with wings regardless of whether you use them at night or during the day. Sanitary pads with wings offer extra protection against leakage, pad sliding from side to side, and bumping.

4.   Material

Everyone woman’s skin is different and so are the comfort levels of sanitary pad materials Some prefer to feel a soft touch nest to their skin, while others prefer a netted top layer. Whichever the case, you should ensure that the material is breathable and comfortable.

During the days when your flow is light, moisture levels are also much lower. However, constant rubbing of your skin against the sanitary pad can give rise to abrasions, leading to skin redness and itchiness.

Sanitary pads are available in organic cotton and synthetic materials. If you are prone to skin allergies, or sensitivity, you should opt for organic breathable cotton pads that are comfortable to wear for long. All the ingredients that go it making the pad are organically natural and hypoallergenic.

Another good choice for women with sensitive skin is a sanitary pad embedded with an anion strip. A good example is Lady Anion pads. Besides the anion strip, the pad also consists of medicinal properties that eliminate any odor during our cycle. The material is breathable and comfortable.

5.   Lifestyle

Wear pads according to the nature activities fall on the days of your period. Use ultra-slim sanitary pads with wings if you are visiting the gym or working out and an extra absorbent pad if you have to indulge in any extra-curricular activity that may take some time to complete.

6.   Environmentally friendly

Even as you consider your comfort, you should not forget to keep the environment around you clean. Today, unlike in the past, you can get biodegradable organic sanitary pads that do not fill the landfills.

Wrapping up                           

You have absolutely no reason to wear the wrong sanitary pad that will leave you feeling lousier than the menses do. Take time to understand your body. Buy a few different brands until you find your perfect fit. Do not forget that being comfortable and using hygienic, breathable, and hypoallergenic pads should be top on your list when making your choice. Lady Anion sanitary pads is revolutionary sanitary pads that hit all important criteria for women comfort.