All you need know about Period underwear

Managing periods can be a nightmare, especially if you use cheap pads that cannot hold the monthly fluid effectively. A period screw-up due to leaking pads, ineffective tampons, and overflowing menstrual cups could make your cherished underwear look like a scene of a bloody crime. Many women are today turning to period underwear specially designed with extra protection against any fluid leaks to curb this problem.

What Is Period Underwear?

Period underwear is a one-and-done solution to the monthly period. It provides women with the feeling of free bleeding without having to worry about any leakage. They are the best alternatives to throwaway protection solutions such as tampons, pantyliners, and pads. Period panties that also go by period undies or period underwear appear and feel like the normal regular underwear.

Some people might assume that because of their purpose, the period underwear is not bulky. However, it looks like regular underwear, and it is not bulky. The design of the underwear includes extra layers with specific material in the crotch region that can effectively soak period blood without allowing any drop to seep out.

You can choose to wear period underwear without a supplementary solution during the lighter period pays or wear it with another protective solution if you have heavy periods. Unlike the throwaway protective solutions that fill the landfills because you cannot reuse them, period underwear is reusable. You can use the underwear, rinse off the blood, dry, re-wear, wash it again, and continue using it for as long as the cycle lasts.

How Period Undies Work

There are two types of period underwear available: those that hold pads in place and those that serve as menstruation management and can even replace tampons and pads. The primary purpose of the period underwear is to absorb blood. 

The underwear has three kinds of absorption levels: mild, moderate, and heavy flows, similar pads, pantyliners, and pads. Many users start with lesser flow days or use their period underwear as backup protection before committing to full-time use. One of the first things you need to know is that period underwear is extremely comfortable and does not feel different from regular underwear.

The construction of the underwear comprises three layers, though some brands, such as THINX, make them with four layers.

The inner layer, which is closest to the skin, is water-resistant with a knitted finish and several channels that enable fluid to flow through it and away from the body during the period flow. The middle layer of the period underwear is super-absorbent with the ability to hold onto the flow. The outer layer has a water-impermeable construction that prevents water from seeping through to your clothes.

The most common combination materials used in the construction of period underwear are merino wool, synthetic fibres, bamboo, and cotton. The natural fibres include hydroxyl and amyl ‘groups,’ that chemically bond with water molecules and help to hold them together. Moreover, the materials are breathable, allowing you enough comfort throughout your menstrual cycle.

The similar results were also achieved by Lady Anion sanitary pads. It is very soft and highly absorbent pads.

Best Period Underwear Review

There are hundreds of period underwear styles from dozens of brands in three absorbent categories: mild, light, and heavy cycles. We reviewed three of the leading period underwear on the market with the following findings.

1.    Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies

One of the first things that capture your attention about the Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies is the Bonds logo appearing on the undies waistband. The appearance of the underwear is like that of any other ordinary pantie. However, the difference between regular underwear and the bonds period undies are immense.

Features and Pros

  • Bonds Bloody Comfy Undies are available in light, moderate, and heavy absorbent levels
  • The underwear come in three shapes-Bikini, Tanga, and Gee. Bikini and Tanga are high cut underwear, while Gee is a G-string offered only in a light flow version.
  • The period underwear come in different sizes ranging from 6 to 20
  • Prices depend on the level of absorbency, with the heavy flow undies costing more than the other two
  • The gusset of the undies has an innovative layering technology design, which wicks away odor, moisture and absorbs your flow


  • Some of the underwear are not odor-proof, according to some users

2.   Tom Organic Period Undies Review

Tom organic is a leading Australian brand specializing in biodegradable and organic pads, tampons and lately, period underwear. The brand launched the first mid-rise brief fit and period underwear in 2020. In July 2021, Tom Organic added bikini-style briefs to their organic collection of period undies.

Features and Pros

  • Made with breathable organic cotton with a filling of polyester and elastane
  • The interior is 100% polyester, while the lining is pure cotton with a little elastane
  • Provides full back coverage
  • Mid-rise brief fit waistband
  • They can contain the equivalent of three conventional tampons of menstrual fluid making them ideal for a large amount of flow
  • Leak-proof design with flat stitching for a seam-free, sleek appearance
  • A revolutionary 4-layer leak-free technology to wick away moisture, absorb menstrual fluid, and guard against stains and leaks
  • Available for sizes 6 to 20


  • Absorbency of some of the underwear is not as effective as the claims

3.   Modibodi Underwear

Modibodi is an Australian brand and a leader in the creation of high-quality incontinence and period underwear worldwide. Major publications such as Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and Wired have featured the brand at one time or the other. It is also one of the period underwear design pioneers. Depending on your style, flow, and size, you can also enjoy a wide selection of ModiBodi Underwear.

Features and Pros

  • Made with high-quality breathable and natural fabrics
  • Includes options for vegan fabric
  • Three-layer underwear with pong and perspiration proof
  • Includes pee-and period friendly underwear with water repellant fabric ideal for a day at the beach
  • They come in different sizes
  • Made with anti-bacterial and anti-odor technology with high absorbency


  • Many of the underwear come only in black

 How to Wash and Care for Period Underwear

How do you wash the blood off the period underwear? Period underwear is reusable, so you can wash them and use them for as long as you can. Washing and caring for the underwear is easy if you follow the following steps.

  • After removing your period underwear, soak them in cold water before rinsing the blood off
  • If you are cleaning with a washing machine, use the gentle or delicate cycle. Ensure that the underwear is in a mesh bag before you start the cycle
  • Hang the underwear out to dry

Best way to care for your period underwear

  • Using a mild detergent with cold water and handwashing gives your underwear a longer life than machine-washing them
  • Do not dry the underwear in the drier if you want to maintain the quality of the fabric

Wrapping Up-Verdict

Are period undies comfortable, or do they feel like you are walking with three tampons filled with blood? Period undies are not bulky, and they are comfortable to wear. You do not have to worry about regular changing of the undies through the cycle during the day, and you do not have to worry about any leakage, lingering smells, or stains.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give period undies a 10. They are easily washable, reusable, and available in main stores such as Woolworths and Target.