All you need to know about anion sanitary pads

Anion sanitary pads

Menstruation is something that affects about 1.8 billion people across the world every month. Each person that goes through menstruation wishes to do so in a dignified and healthy way. With hundreds of different brands competing to fulfil this wish, it can become difficult to choose which brand will best suit your needs and your pocket. There is also the issue of availability, as many impoverished countries do not have access to sanitary products. For those countries there are many campaigns running to see to it that they too can have a happy and healthy period.

Sanitary pads have come a long way. From the basic pulp-based rags to the modern ultra-thin and super absorbent products on the market. Thus arises the question on how you choose which is best for you. Where most of the modern sanitary pads are not only bad for the environment, it has also been proven scientifically to be bad for your health. This is where Anion sanitary pads come in, offering something that no one else does. From being eco-friendly and compostable, to the cutting-edge technology that it uses to improve women’s health, this is one of the best sanitary pads on the market.

What is Anion?

Whenever you step outside after a thunderstorm, there is a feeling in the air that cannot quite be explained, and a freshness that is invigorating and unmistakable. When you enter a dense forest, you feel like you can breathe deeper. People flock to the ocean whenever they get a chance, because time spent next to the coast leaves you feeling invigorated and relaxed.

Scientific studies have shown that people living next to the coast or in higher altitude areas have a better quality of life overall. So why is this? It is due to anions, or negative ions. Oxygen is made up of two particles, as it is an unstable element on its own. During a thunderstorm or when the waves of the ocean breaks on the shoreline, these particles are broken up. In an attempt to stabilise itself, the particles bond. During this bonding process, three particles will bond together. This is also what makes up our ozone layer, which has the job of cleaning and clearing the air that we breathe. Scientists have been studying this for many years, and have now started to harness the positive aspects of ozone, or anions, as it is also known.

Benefits of Anion

Anions have been proven to strengthen the immune system, prevent infections, destroys bacteria and viruses, stimulates white blood cells, and decimates fungi. It has been used in wound therapy for many years, and is also now used to counteract cell mutations which is a preventative therapy for some types of cancer. When compared to other chemicals and treatments, it was found that anions eliminates a variety of bacteria over 3000 times more efficiently than chlorine. Once anions decomposes into normal oxygen gas, it leaves no hazardous by-products. The molecular structure of anions are highly reactive and unstable, thus creating a curative response in the body by destroying and oxidising foreign objects and harmful substances. This then leaves the blood oxygenated and the body energised. Further benefits that was found was that it helps regulate sleep patterns, improves your mood, reduces stress, boosts your immune system, and increases metabolism.

Anion daily pads

All of the benefits and studies that were done on the benefits of anions were gathered together to create an anion strip. With a cotton retiform film and a strong absorbing layer, the anion strip is then inserted in the middle. When the Anion sanitary pad is then used, the strip will then emit a high concentration of anions under the impact of body temperature, friction, and humidity. During this process, the growth of bacteria is eliminated, inflammation is diminished, and odour is dispelled. Due to the vaginal area being a highly absorbent area of the body, the anions then provide all of the benefits that can be reaped from exposure to it.

Lady Anion pads are also one of the very first sanitary pads to be completely dioxin free, and boasts with nine layers of protection. It also does not come with the option of being scented, as this is deemed unnecessary because of the action of the anions dispelling odour. Lady Anion pads are made of pure, undyed cotton, and does not contain any synthetic materials. Even the adhesive on the strip and the wings are made from sustainable tree gum. The sanitary pads come in either a daily sanitary pad, a night pad which has a longer length to cater for the possibility of leakage, and a panty liner which can be worn each day.

Anion panty liner

Lady Anion manufacturers have heard the plea of their consumers for a panty liner that can be worn each day, and they have delivered. Panty liners are smaller, much thinner, and with much less absorbency. But their main function is to absorb the daily natural discharge from the vagina, for spotting at the end of a menstruation cycle, or for light incontinence. Even with the panty liners they still incorporate the anion strip, so now your body can enjoy the benefits of anions throughout the whole month.

It has been reported by many users of Lady Anion products that they feel more invigorated since they started using their products. This is because now they are constantly being exposed to the anion strip and the positive effects thereof. Users who had previously complained of having extremely painful periods, or having very heavy periods, have found that their periods and menstrual cycles have regulated, and that the pain that they had experienced were greatly diminished. With the constant exposure to anions throughout the month due to wearing Lady Anion panty liners, users can now reap the benefits throughout the month.

Breathable sanitary pads

There are many reasons why a sanitary pad needs to be breathable. First and foremost, if an area is not allowed to be breathable, it makes for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to flourish in. This is when women develop infections such as thrush, bacterial vaginosis, and nasty yeast infections. Women can also develop other infections such as urinary tract infections and lower reproductive tract infections. Another reason that a sanitary pad should be breathable is to prevent itching, swelling, and odours. But no matter how breathable a sanitary pad is, your personal hygiene also plays a large part in all of this. Regularly changing out your sanitary pad is of utmost importance, otherwise it will not matter how amazing the sanitary pad is that you are wearing.

In conclusion

There are many different types of sanitary pads out there, and finding the right one for you can be a difficult task. It is already an unpleasant experience for most women to have to deal with their monthly menstruation. It is even more difficult and unpleasant for non-binary people and transgender men. So picking a pad that really makes life easier is essential. Coming across a pad that gives you amazing health benefits just by wearing it is wonderful. The fact that Anion sanitary pads are also super slim as well as super-absorbent is another added benefit. You will never feel like you are walking around with a wad of soggy rags between your legs. Those are things of the past. Now you can go about your day doing the things that you love with confidence. Whether it be going to the gym, jogging, or joining a yoga class, to snuggling up on the couch with a good book. Due to Lady Anion pads being so super thin, it moves with your body and thus avoids any unnecessary and embarrassing leaks.

The other great advantage of using Lady Anion sanitary pads is that they are eco-friendly. Although they are disposable sanitary pads, they are bio-degradable and compostable. This is due to the fact that they use responsibly sourced cotton, and degradable components.

There is one problem that many may complain about, and that is that the cost is a bit higher. Unfortunately big companies focus on selling well-known brands which they can buy for much cheaper, thus elevating their own profit margin. But there is an old saying. “Save a penny, spend a pound.” In this case it would refer to you not only having to buy more of the cheap brand to get the same usage out of it, but also putting your own health at risk, as well as destroying the planet in the process. This is yet another reason why shopping online has become so popular. No longer is there a need to buy everything in the store. Especially when it comes to a product that affects your life and the life of the planet that you live on.

With cutting edge technology built into such a simple personal item such as a sanitary pad, it is worth it to put a tiny bit more of your budget aside for something that is actually much more than just a simple personal item.