Cotton Sanitary Pads Australia

History of Sanitary Pads

So you’re looking for a comfortable, slim and absorbent sanitary pad? There are so many brands to choose from, while still keeping the environmental impact in mind. So where do you begin? What do you have to take into consideration when choosing a pad that will work for you?

Let us first take a look at the history of sanitary pads. First mentioned as early as the 10th century in Ancient Greece, pads used to be made of rags, cotton, sheep’s wool, knitted pads, rabbit fur, and even grass. The first proper disposable pad was invented by nurses to stop excessive bleeding, but with an aim towards battlefield wounds. These pads were made from wood pulp bandages and was very absorbent. Once commercial manufacturers got wind of this invention, it was quickly advertised and sold as sanitary pads to women. Unfortunately it was still a taboo subject to talk about, and it was very expensive. As far as the expense of pads go, not much has changed unfortunately.

Let us further look at what a sanitary pad is, as this is often a misunderstood topic. A sanitary pad is one of the methods used during a woman’s menstrual cycle to absorb the blood that flows from the vagina. This tends to be an unpleasant experience for most women, as the products they use sometimes fail and leaves them embarrassed. This embarrassment comes from the ingrained misogynistic view of menstruation, especially stemming from different religions.

Different type of Sanitary Pads

So the question is; what type of sanitary pads are out there? When you walk into a store, you are faced with shelves stacked with every imaginable product. This will no doubt lead to you standing there dumbstruck as to which product to pick up. This is especially true for young women going out to buy these products themselves for the first time. So what is what?

Do you have a heavy flow period during the day? Then you definitely need something with a high absorption rate. How about a heavy flow during the evening? Then you will need something that is not only highly absorbing, but also elongated to cater for sleeping. Are you at the very beginning or end of your period? Then a panty liner will do the job. But one thing that is non-negotiable with every single pad out there, is that it must have an adhesive strip at the bottom to keep it in place. Winged adhesive strips for further fit and comfort is also becoming a must-have when you buy a product.

Reusable cotton pads and Organic Cotton pads

Now comes the next question; which product is eco-friendly? Of course we all want to do our part in saving the planet. The answer lies in reusable cotton pads, bio-degradable cotton pads, and organic pads. Although reusable cotton pads can be washed, it tends to wear out and start causing rashes. They are also quite bulky, and the ‘period pants’ constrict you when choosing what you want to wear. Bio-degradable and organic cotton pads are the future, as they offer everything that a woman looks for when choosing a product at the end of the day.

Woolworths Sanitary Pads

The problem is that big companies such as Woolworths and Coles focus on selling well-known, big brands. It is also a well-known fact that big brands like to cut costs where they can to push the profit margin up as far as it can go. So now you have a cheap brand, but you are using three to four pads a day during your menstrual cycle. You end up with rashes and infections, walk around feeling self-conscious about the pad being bulky, you experience overflow which results in your clothes being ruined, or you are embarrassed about the coppery smell of blood following you like a lost dog. You also have to live with the fact that these cheap pads will end up in some landfill, choking our planet to death.

There is something that my grandmother used to tell me. “Save a penny, spend a pound.” Although you are buying cheap, you have to buy more. Thus begging the question if it isn’t better to just buy an alternative which offers you an organic, bio-degradable, super absorbent, paper-thin sanitary pad. Yes, you might pay a bit more. But once you weigh up the pros and the cons the choice becomes clear.

Best Sanitary Pads in Australia

Let’s take a look at Lady Anion pads. Or better yet, let’s look at the reviews! One lady described it as the best pad she has ever used with no irritation or rashes. She stated that it even felt like you weren’t even wearing a pad. She praised it for being very soft. Another review goes into more detail where she states the comfort of the packaging, how smooth it is to the touch, the breathability, and then the cutting edge technology that goes into the making of each Lady Anion pad. If you are interested lady anion organic sanitary pads just follow the link.

Cutting edge technology in a pad? Yes. The Lady Anion pad has FIR, or far infra-red rays, and also has negative ions that help you stay healthy. It lowers the discomfort felt during a menstrual cycle, has antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation, can fight vaginal infections, and enhances your immune system. Sounds too good to be true? This is normally the case with cutting edge technology, until people use it for themselves and reaps the benefits of the product.

There are some clear differences between popular, well-known brands such as Always, Audry Sun, Kotex and TOM, and Lady Anion sanitary pads. The well-known brands tend to be rough to the touch, not as absorbent, uses adhesives that may cause rashes and allergic reactions, and isn’t bio-degradable. Lady Anion, offering a wide variety of sanitary pads for whichever need you have, is soft to the touch, super absorbent, uses a natural gum which is hypo-allergenic, and is fully degradable. In my humble opinion they deserve to be best sanitary pads in Australia.

Lady Anion is blazing a path for the future of sanitary pads, and I’m here for it all the way. Who wouldn’t want all the benefits and comforts of this product? I know that I certainly do.