All you need to know Period Swimwear and Underwear

The sun is out, it’s nice and hot, and you’re ready to take a dive in the swimming pool. There’s only one problem… it’s that time of the month! So what is there to do when shark week comes along to spoil your holiday and weekend plans? Let’s take a look.

What is period swimwear?

Period swimwear looks and feels just like regular swimwear, except for an extra lining to keep those pesky leakages at bay. Although it is quite a new invention, many women are already loving it. The extra lining offers protection against leakage, and is best worn with a menstrual cup, a sponge, or a tampon. But there are also a variety of different period swimwear out there, of which most contains three protective layers. Another bonus of the swimwear is that it dries quickly. I hear you asking how you are supposed to clean it if the lining is basically waterproof. The answer is to wash it the same as you would wash normal swimwear. Just follow the instructions, and put away the softener, as this may cause the swimwear to not work as designed. Period swimwear gives you freedom to not only enjoy your vacation or weekend, but also if you use swimming as part of your workout routine, if you swim competitively, or if you have an irregular and unpredictable period. You don’t want any nasty and embarrassing surprises. Now the question; where can I get it?

Period swimwear Australia

There are many options available, but most of these are still online. Period swimwear is still to make it into general retail stores because it is so new to the market. With Australia being famous for its beaches, I’m sure it won’t be long before you can get it at any shop along the boardwalk. In the meantime you can check out RubyLove and Modibodi.

Period underwear and period panties

Since the swimwear is so comfortable and convenient, then surely there must be something similar that you can wear day to day? Turns out there is. Period underwear and period panties have been making waves for a while now. It is especially popular amongst dancers, teenage girls and transgender men. It works very similar to period swimwear, where it has three layers in the inner lining. The first layer is there to channel the menstrual blood away from the body, the second layer is the super absorbent layer which absorbs all the blood, and the third layer is leak proof and waterproof to stop any accidents from happening. The nice thing about these are that it literally just feels like regular underwear, and there are no strings attached (pun intended). There is a wide array to choose from, and it is becoming popular very quickly, replacing pads, tampons, sponges and cups. It is also nice underwear to wear every day, as it will take care of discharge, spotting, and surprise periods. Let’s face it, ladies. You think you know your schedule, and then you have to somehow prepare for that first blood to make its appearance. With the period panties, that worry is a thing of the past.


The original designers of period underwear and swimwear, Modibodi has certainly made waves. With most of their products being patented, it puts them at the forefront of the pack. They have a wide array of products, with underwear and panties that cater for spotting to heavy bleeding. It is even used for incontinence and postpartum wear. Seeing that it is 100% reusable, it makes it the ultimate choice to help save the planet. Another great thing about Modibodi is that it is available at Big W! So if you’re not an online shopping warrior, then you know you can just drive down to your nearest Big W and go check out the products for yourself.

Bonds period swimwear

Another great brand is Bonds Bloody Comfy period underwear and swimwear. Following the same tried and tested method, their period underwear and swimwear is something to cheer about. When you visit their website, you’re greeted with their slogan “Let’s cheer through the bleed” and a bunch of lovely ladies literally cheering through the bleed! Shopping online with them is a breeze, and they deliver worldwide.

Pads for swimming

If you were hoping to get all the benefits of Anion pads in the form of a swimming pad, then you are unfortunately out of luck. Due to the design of a pad, it is not suitable for swimming. The closest you will get to a swimming pad is if you use it in conjunction with one of the many types of period swimwear suits where you can insert your favourite brand of pad into the costume before putting it on. So if you don’t want to part with your trusted Anion pad, this will be the way to go.

After all is said and done, we do know that the world of period swimwear and period underwear and panties is an open market that still has a lot of room to grow. Soon big brands will start to catch on and realize that in order to save our beautiful planet, they need to go green or go reusable. We already know that Anion menstrual products are eco-friendly and good for feminine hygiene and health, so we will wait with bated breath until the day they announce their first line of period swimwear and underwear. Until then we can rely on them for when we are not in the water.