What Are the Best Organic or Cotton Sanitary Pads Available For Women?

As the world leans more to going natural, it is unsurprising that more companies develop organic and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional consumer items today. One such product is the sanitary pad. Organic sanitary napkins have become increasingly prevalent, although there is debate about whether they are more beneficial to your health than regular choices.

The truth is organic sanitary pads are healthier and more hygienic to use. The construction of conventional sanitary pads that most women are familiar with is from traditionally cultivated cotton. Growing traditionally cultivated cotton requires the use of insecticides and pesticides, which are toxic to the body.

Moreover, conventional sanitary napkins use synthetic rayon to increase blood flow absorbency. Besides combining synthetic rayon and conventionally grown cotton, brands use artificial fragrances n the materials to keep the odors away. The fragrances contain chemicals that are harmful to the body and skin.

Organic sanitary pads are insecticides, and pesticides free use natural fragrance, and their construction is with biodegradable materials. So, what are the best organic or cotton sanitary pads available for women? Read on to find out.

Biodegradable Organic Sanitary Pads for Women

Biodegradable sanitary pads are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to regulating menstruation cycles. Compared to conventional sanitary pads, the absorbency of these pads is comparable to that of the latter. However, unlike traditional sanitary napkins, the construction of biodegradable sanitary pads is from organic products.

The materials degrade quickly, making them a more environmentally friendly option. As a result, using biodegradable or organic sanitary pads helps minimize the plastic waste generated in your home. Organic sanitary pads are available in all sizes, including larger sizes for overnight use.

If you have low to medium flow, you can also get organic sanitary pads to provide good coverage. There are also sizes with excellent absorbency for occasions with a high flow, allowing you to satisfy all of your menstrual hygiene requirements in one package.

Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

Below are the reasons why you should use biodegradable sanitary pads over conventional pads.

  • They are free from harmful chemical properties as the construction material is 100% organic cotton.
  • They are gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin
  • They have a high level of absorbency and keep you dry throughout your cycle
  • They are unbelievably soft and comfortable
  • They have high levels of breathability, which helps to keep you fresh
  • They are completely biodegradable
  • They are environmental friendly
  • They are animal-cruelty free
  • They are gynecological healthy, and hygienic
  • They come in different sizes and lengths to suit your menstrual flow rate
  • A wide range of options to choose from

Anion Sanitary Pads

Anion sanitary pads are negative ions emitting feminine hygiene products. They are organic sanitary pads and a new entry into the market, but their growing popularity is impressive. Why use anion sanitary pads?

In addition to being present in the air we inhale and moving water, negatively charged electrons are also present in our bodies. They work by neutralizing positive ions or free radicals, revitalizing cell metabolism, and enhancing immunological performance, among other things. It is essential to surround ourselves with a fair number of negative ions to maintain our health and well-being.

Additionally, they help cleanse the blood and maintain a balance of the autonomous nervous system, which helps to promote restful sleep and proper digestion. Negative ions also mitigate the damaging resulting from environmental irritants such as electromagnetic energy.

Anion Sanitary Napkins emit negative ions (anions), intended to improve physical health and mental well-being by reducing stress. When you wear the pad, the friction between your body and the sanitary napkin triggers the strip that releases negative ions.

The vaginal wall embedded anionic strip effectively prevents bacteria and viruses that cause vaginitis from surviving and reproducing. Most types of female genital inflammations are a result of anaerobic bacteria found in almost all environments.

Benefits of Using Anion Sanitary Pads

  • Helps to eliminate menstrual odor
  • Lowers stress and depression levels
  • Increases the body’s metabolism rate
  • Increases the body’s resistance to infections
  • Helps with rectifying the hormonal imbalance
  • Assists in better nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Minimizes bacterial infections

By emitting a high density of anions, the anionic tape produces an abundance of oxygen used to fundamentally alter the anaerobic environment, promote biological enzymatic transformations, and maintain pH balance in the environment.

Our Top 5 Picks of the Best Organic Sanitary Brands

Many brands today offer organic cotton and anion sanitary pads because of their benefits over conventional napkins. Choosing one brand from the other is challenging, but you need to know if they sell organic menstrual products as they claim before taking the leap. Our top five picks of the best organic cotton sanitary and anion pads are as follows.

  1. Lady Anion Pads
  2. Moxie Organics
  3. TOM Organics
  4. U by Kotex
  5. Stayfree

The above brands are just a few of the hundreds of others that offer highly hygienic and practical organic sanitary pads. You can get the pads easily from any FemCare physical store, Wal-Mart, or online stores such as Amazon.

Why do some sanitary pads have expiration dates (3 years since manufactured)?

A lot of controversy surrounds the lifespan of sanitary pads. Some say that since they are not perishable goods, they can last for as long as you wish. Others will not keep sanitary pads that go beyond three years.

Some brands do not put down the expiry dates on the sanitary pad packaging. However, they only put the manufacturing date. Just like any other product such as mascara, sanitary pads should go for between two and three years from the date of manufacture. At the most, they can go up to three years, after which you discard any unused pads.  

Keeping the pads longer than three years exposes the materials used for construction to bacterial growth, which could cause skin irritations and other vaginal infections. If you want your sanitary pads to last longer, do not keep them in moist places like the bathroom.

Wrapping up

Menstrual periods do not have to feel uncomfortable. However, using conventional sanitary pads can sometimes lead to discomfort and even skin infections. Unlike their conventional counterparts, organic cotton sanitary pads are the best option for your health, hygiene, and comfort.

The cotton is 100% organic, feels soft on the skin, and does not contain any chemicals that might cause abrasions. Besides the organic sanitary pads, you can also opt to use anion pads made with layers of highly absorbent materials and an anion strip that offers many health benefits.