Pads-with Wings or No Wings

What is the big deal between pads with wings and pads without wings? Is it just about keeping your pad in place? Does your pad have to have wings? This is a question some women ask, since it always seems as though pads with wings are slightly more expensive than those without wings. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Pads without wings

Sticking to the traditional lineage of the pad, these are often overlooked. The wings have been hyped up so much that women automatically assume that a pad without wings is going to slip and cause leakage. But this is simply not true. It really is all about preference. You can get pads with no wings in all the sizes and absorbencies that their counterpart offers. Remember, pads with no wings still have the sticky strip at the bottom to keep it in place. Even reusable pads have clips that attaches the pad to the underwear. Then of course there is the matter of the type of underwear that you prefer. Not all women wear the traditional panty as is perpetrated in movies and series. Some women prefer to wear boy shorts or body shapers or other period underwear. These of course cannot be worn with a pad that has wings, so these women will opt for the pad with no wings. But there is a downside. Even though it doesn’t happen often, a pad with no wings can actually slip and cause leakage. But why would it slip? Sometimes women fit the pad and isn’t happy with the placement, so they strip the pad off again to reposition it. This action causes the glue strip at the bottom to lose some of its stickiness, which puts it at greater risk of coming loose and slipping.

Pads with wings

In the 1980s the winged pad made its appearance on the stage of sanitary products. It was new, it was easy to use, and the marketing behind it was strong. But ultimately many women branded it as a gimmick, and stuck to the traditional pad without wings. Today most pads found in shops are with wings, and you are a bit hard-pressed to find pads without wings. So is it a gimmick? Kind of, but not really. The wings offer that extra bit of stickiness to adhere the pad to your panty, making slippage and leakage a rarity. Especially at night or during a workout like a sport that you practice, you want that little bit of extra protection. We move more during a workout and sport than we usually do, and at night we pretzel ourselves into funny shapes to find a comfortable sleeping position. So obviously you don’t want to worry about a pad slipping and messing up your nice clothes or bedding. But personally I have found that pads with wings can be very fussy. Once the initial strip is drawn and the pad is placed, you take off the glue cover of the wings. If you fumble, then they tend to fold and stick to itself. This is a nightmare to try and unstick, if it is even possible. Then you have to make sure that your underwear isn’t crinkled, otherwise the wings doesn’t want to stick properly. And once those wings are down, there is no repositioning the pad. It will stay exactly where you put it until you change to a new pad.

A bit of history

I don’t know how old you are, but think back to when you were a child. How many advertisements were there on television marketing pads? I’m sure you’re not going to be able to recall ever seeing an advertisement. Or if you can, it was surely a very discreet advert. Back in the 1800s the word ‘menstruation’ wasn’t even mentioned! It was a secret affliction that women had to suffer through in silence each month. With the dawn of radio in 1920, you would not find a single advert proclaiming the benefits or availability of any sanitary products. Yet again it was an unspoken thing. The only place where you would find adverts at this point was in women’s magazines. This trend continued until 1985, when the first television advert advertising pads and tampons made its appearance on American television. This caused shockwaves to run through the patriarchy, as it was supposed to be an unspoken thing. But women rejoiced! Finally they could get more information readily on which products there were on the market. As time went on, more and more adverts started making the rounds, up until this modern day where they do not shy away from the topic of menstruation, pads, tampons, and other sanitary products used during menstruation. There are now campaigns that are openly advertised to collect sanitary pads for underprivileged girls. There are special classes in many schools where they teach girls all about their period, how to use the different sanitary products available to them, and to answer any questions they may have.

Wingless and winged benefits

No matter which one you choose, you have a wide range of products to choose from. From the big brand names such as Kotex, Libra and Always, to the lesser known and smaller companies such as Purcotton, Taboo and Lady Anion. Without demonizing any company, some are simply more innovative than others. Lady Anion anion pads has been making waves with their innovative technology regarding pads, forever changing the way we look at how pads are made and what they can do for us. From decreasing our carbon footprint and being earth friendly, to using ground-breaking technology to make a pad that does more than absorb blood, they truly are making waves. How many pad manufacturers do you know that uses the health benefits of negative ions in their products? That uses this technology to better women’s health and well-being? Their whole brand is built around customer satisfaction and increasing the health and comfort of the vagina. Hopefully more brands will follow suit as we move into a new era of women’s health.