What is Negative Ions and best sanitary pads

In this new generation of people who want to live healthier lives, reduce their carbon footprint, eat healthier, reduce food wastage, and overall start thinking greener, there is an abundance of new products popping up in shops and online. It is difficult to know which of these are the real deal, and which of these are just opportunistic companies or mid-level marketing companies looking to make some quick money off of people. While there are many gimmicks out there, there are certainly also companies who did their research properly, and who is offering quality products which truly enhances the lives of their consumers. Let us look at some of these products.

Lady Anion pads

When you think of a sanitary pad, you might think of the negative impact that pads have had the last couple of decades. Filling up landfills, finding its way into the ocean, and generating a bad name in general. There is also the worry of it not being bio-degradable, and possibly being toxic to wear for women and girls. Although this is still true for many sanitary pads, Lady Anion is different. Many pads use a myriad of chemicals like dioxin to treat and bleach the fabrics of the pads, which can negatively affect a women’s health.

So why not rather choose a pad that is made with 100% certified organic cotton, which also has antibacterial properties? Furthermore they have created a pad which is barely there, while still offering superior absorbency. Everyone wants a breathable pad which allows them to go about their day normally. Studies have shown that the wearing of a non-breathable pad can cause a breeding ground for bacteria due to the humidity that is created, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis, vaginal thrush, and yeast infections.

This is where Lady Anion pads took it one step further. Not only are their pads light and breathable, but they have also incorporated a core strip which releases negative ions. With this technology, they promote antimicrobial activity, which kills the harmful bacteria which might be present. Because the layers and technology is designed that the blood can only travel in one direction, they do not offer scented pads, as it is unnecessary. Many studies have shown that the presence of scents in pads are actually harmful to women, and is only made present because it is there to scent the smell of the blood. With Lady Anion pads however, this is completely unnecessary. It has nine layers of protection, and blood will not travel back up to create the dangerous breeding ground for bacteria.

Lady Anion products

Lady Anion makes sure that they have a pad for every occasion. First off is the night-time sanitary pads, which offers extra length plus wings to keep everything in place while you sleep. There is the panty liners that you can wear on your super light days, or even on a daily basis. This way you will reap the benefits of Lady Anion pads throughout the month, and it will absorb the normal and natural discharge experienced throughout the month.

Next up is the day-time sanitary pads, which comes in a one size fits all strength. Since it will absorb anything from a light period to a heavy period, they do not need to differentiate between ‘strengths’. Furthermore, there is no need to have special pads for when you are active. Since the pads are already ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent, plus they have wings on the pads to keep them in place, you can go to gym, go on your hike, go biking, or do your yoga class, all with comfort and without worry of shifting or leaks.

They are so confident in their product that they offer an unconditional money-back guarantee. Since they want their clients to be completely happy with their product, they give you the option to return your purchase and receive a full refund without any hassles. There is no other sanitary pad company that offers that option, which makes them unique.

What difference does it make in which pad I use?

Fair question, which deserves a fair answer. Let’s start off by looking at what exactly goes on downstairs during the month. Throughout the month your uterus (or womb) builds up a lining consisting of blood and tissue in preparation of a possible pregnancy. After a set amount of time, this blood and tissue is expelled from the body through the vagina in which we call menstruation. This is through a normal cycle, and not referring to menstruation as experienced by people with certain health conditions.

The uterus, vagina and labia is home to billions of bacteria, of which lactobacilli is the most dominant. Now before you start stressing; this is the good type of bacteria. Throughout the month you will notice that there is a slight discharge from the vagina, which is not only completely normal, but also healthy. Lactobacilli is what keeps the vagina’s pH levels acidic, and it also produces bacteriocins (naturally occurring antibiotics) that reduces the growth of harmful bacteria.

How to choose ?

This is where the choice of pad comes in. If you wear a pad that is not breathable, it creates a petri dish of harmful bacteria. This is when you end up with bacterial vaginosis, vaginal thrush, or a nasty yeast infection. If you wear a pad that is not made of organic materials, you end up with a pad that is hard and scratchy, that leads to itchiness, redness, and general discomfort. The chemicals in these pads can lead to heavier periods and more painful period cramps, but also more severe illnesses such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, hormone dysfunction, and various forms of cancer.

Some other side effects from wearing “traditional” pads are infertility, thyroid malfunction, hormonal disruption, and even diabetes and depression. How can these pads cause all of these horrible illnesses and side effects? Well, we have to remember that the skin in and around the vagina and labia is highly permeable, meaning that it absorbs chemicals and toxins into the bloodstream much easier.

Let’s talk negative ions

So what is negative ions, and why is it so good for us? Think about how you feel after a good thunderstorm, or after it has rained. How do you feel sitting next to a waterfall or the ocean? How relaxed do you feel when you’re up in the mountains, or looking out across a body of water? This feeling comes from negative ions that is all around us, but is in a higher abundance at the places named above. Negative ions are created when a normal O2 molecule attracts a third molecule and forms an O3 molecule. Although lauded as being tasteless and odourless, you might say different once you’ve visited the above places and really taken in a lung full of negatively ionized air. Or if you’ve had the privilege of drinking a fresh glass of mountain spring water. It just hits different. These negative ions are also responsible for cleaning our air, and that is why the above places just smell different. It smells… cleaner.

Use of negative ions

Many companies have found ways to generate negative ions, and it has been used commercially and in the medical field for a long time. It is only now becoming more available to the general public. If you come across an accident scene, you will see that they give a patient oxygen. That is not just any oxygen, but negative ion charged oxygen. This has also been used in wound care and on critical patients, in what is called ozone therapy. This is basically what negative ions are. It is ozone, or O3, which is responsible for filtering out chemicals and dust from the air that we breathe.

One of the companies that have now taken the amazing healing power of negative ions and put it into a product, is Lady Anion sanitary pads. They do this through drop-release technology, by which 20% of oxygen and 6090 Anion/cm2 is released, which then creates an alkaline atmosphere. The typical pH levels of a healthy vagina is about 3.8 to 4.5, which puts it on the acidic side. The pH balance is important in the different parts of the body, as it helps with various functions such as killing harmful bacteria. Due to the presence of naturally occurring bacteria, they produce acids that prevents dryness and maintains a healthy chemical balance. Your vagina also produces acidic fluids that further protects it from germs and bad bacteria.

In conclusion

Picking the correct menstrual products are of utmost importance. Although we look at things like what the impact is on nature, we also have to look at what the impact is on our bodies. Luckily there is a wide array of products on the market now that looks after both nature and your body. Lady Anion period products are currently the only product on the market that uses the negative ion technology, as well as being aware of their impact on nature.