Why Is It Important To Use Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads?

If you ask any woman how she feels during her menstruation cycle, many will not have great things to say about it. However, menstruation is part of a woman’s life-at least until they reach menopause. Menstruation does not have to be dreadful, especially if you use hygienic, comfortable, absorbent, and soft sanitary napkins.

Maintaining hygiene and comfort during your menses is challenging if you use the wrong sanitary pads. Hormonal flare-ups, bad odor are some of the things exacerbated by the menses leaving you cranky and irritable. Using the wrong sanitary pads worsens the situation.

You are most likely to get the possibility of stained clothes or develop skin rashes and other infections from ordinary or contemporary sanitary products. A bacterial infection could also lead to urinary tract infection, affecting the kidneys if left untreated. Furthermore, the smell of some sanitary pads triggers your headaches, making you yearn for an easier and more effective answer to your period difficulties.

A history of increased frequency of such conditions might result in long-term repercussions such as trouble conceiving, a higher chance of miscarriage, and premature births. As a result, failing to maintain adequate menstrual hygiene can harm a woman’s entire reproductive lifespan. So, which are the most preferred organic cotton sanitary napkins?

Anion Sanitary Pads

Women like progress which is why they choose sanitary pads that are organic, eco-friendly, and hygienic. One of the most popular organic sanitary napkins in the market today is anion pads. Since they are versatile, ANION Sanitary Pads are by far the perfect remedy for women.

Besides providing a solution for the periods, they are also a preferred option for managing and preventing the many gynecological medical concerns.  The sanitary pads made with 100% organic cotton are breathable, which helps to enhance freshness when in the menstrual cycle. They are also extremely soft, comfortable, and do not leak.

Features of the Anion Sanitary Pads

One of the unique things about the anion sanitary pad is the anion strip. The main purpose of the strip is to eliminate toxic bacteria, which is the principal cause of gynae problems in women. In addition to naturally relieving period discomfort, the strip kills 99.9% of microorganisms on contact.

The anion strip has a compression of approximately 6000 negative ions per cubic centimeter triggered by fluid or temperature. Once introduced into the body, the anion strip improves the female’s overall health by acting as a barrier against infections and disease’s.

  1. Plant-based gel and adhesive

Anion pads contain a highly absorbent substance that makes them more than twice as absorbent as standard sanitary pads. It has a specially formulated sticky adhesive. The adhesive helps the pad to adapt to natural human ergonomics. The pad leaves no deposit or residue on the undies and does not irritate the skin.

2. Self-testing indicator

Every anion pad packet comes with a self-testing indicator. The work of the indicator is to identify bacteria or viruses present within the vaginal area. It thus guarantees that a woman maintains a safe, clean, hygienic, and bacteria-free environment for herself.

3. Packaging

Sanitary pads are consumer goods, and proper packaging is essential. Fortunately, another amazing thing about the anion pads is that they have beautiful and hygienic packaging. The packaging material is foil paper that keeps bacteria and moisture from entering the pad. It also keeps the pad fresh.

Benefits of Using Anion Sanitary Pads

According to science, Anions are negatively charged molecules or atoms in the air. They are essential for human health since they clear the air of all pollutants, airborne pathogens, and minute dust particles that might trigger major health problems if breathed in.

Below are some of those benefits.

Enhanced hormonal balance-Increased calcium and sodium in the circulatory system allow negative ions to reestablish a better and healthier pH balance, thus improving hormonal balance. It thus aims to mitigate and cure menstrual abnormalities such as heavy bleeding and cramping.

Boosts immunity– Elevated concentrations of negative ions induce globulin secretion in the blood, leading to increased resistance to illnesses.

Improves metabolism– In addition to boosting the production of digestive enzymes and improving digestion, negative ions reduce the over-arousal of the nervous system.

Fatigue and stress reduction– Negative ions aid in the reduction of chronic stress by raising oxygen levels in the blood and allowing for adequate oxygen usage. They also aid in the acceleration of rehabilitation from exhaustion.

Improves brain activity– Negative ions help supply oxygen in the blood and restore brain activity leading to relaxation and tranquility.

In addition to providing support during menstruation, negative ions fuse through a woman’s genitals into her body systems. They supply her and her body cells with broad therapeutic properties.

Organic anion sanitary pads also help in the treatment and prevention of the following issues:

  • Bladder control
  • Bladder infection
  • Cervical erosion
  • Colon bleeding
  • Genital warts
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Yeast infections


Can men use anion napkins?

Yes, men can use anion liners. By placing the liners under their feet, they can do this, allowing the ions to diffuse through the skin pores. Furthermore, anion liners can also help to mitigate prostate cancer in men.  Anion ions revitalize and rejuvenate all body systems and cells.

Why are sanitary pads white?

White is a very bright color making it possible to monitor the color and texture of the menstrual blood more easily. It also denotes purity because a mix of other chemicals would change the color of the pad. Furthermore, the main ingredient of organic cotton pads is pure white and naturally grown cotton, thus the white color.

However, that does not mean that all white sanitary pads are organic. In addition, some sanitary pad manufacturers are making biodegradable black sanitary pads.

Wrapping up

Organic sanitary pads such as anion pads are becoming increasingly popular among many women today. They not only provide menstruation flow solutions, but they also offer immense health benefits making them a better choice to contemporary sanitary pads.

They are everything you need to have a comfortable menstrual cycle without worrying about stained undies, discomfort, skin rashes, and vaginal infections. With the anion sanitary pads, you have absolutely no reason to hate your periods.